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Two gates ahead…

February 16, 2018 Category:
Slalom kayak cockpit rim

Gotta get out in front of 2019….

My wife brought me into recreational Whitewater Slalom in the 90’s. It kicked my ass. I was surprised. I had a few medals and accomplishments from other cool sports, and I could paddle. But, I failed to plan two gates ahead. Currents are surprisingly faster than you think.

It’s mid Winter. I’m back from a few chilly days in the woods with friends:

7 guys.

6 degrees above for a high.

5 days.

4 types of sleds.

3 tents.

2 miles from the Canadian border.

1 fish. Bummer.

Counting down from now leaves only 7 months until our next sales season begins. That’s not nearly long enough to completely repopulate a website like ours. Come to think of it, the last time we reached capacity in October, we had 4 products to offer in 3 sizes.

Those were the days.

Here’s a few things coming:

1. It’s pretty much Wool Time. I’ve got some fresh from the dryers right now. Fleece, webbing ,snaps, and zippers on on the way. I’m also meeting with two new candidates in March. I hope they can rock through the absurdly complicated way we build things, and start building Grey Fox Pullovers and Jackpine Vests. That would be awesome. My canvas sewing goddess can switch to building Camp Coats, ’cause she’s got a certain kinda magic that I won’t take for granted.

2. I doubt I’ll cut more canvas. It’s February. We have Snowshoe Hare Pullovers in stock in both colors, and most sizes. There are a few Anoraks too. I’ve got a few Camo Parkas coming in MD and LG as well. That should be good for now. If you’re interested in getting ahead of next season, consider getting one now….not to beĀ  pushy or anything.

3. I already cut a few Oilskin Snowshoe Hare shells. The rainy season approaches.

3. Boreal Shirt, Scout Shirt, and Wool Blanket Shirt Conversions are getting closer. Your wool, our time. I’ll set the opening date, and take a short list, and stick to it. I’ll also publish a PDF that will explain sizing, blanket yield, and how we measure for patterning.

Happy, deep, middle of Winter to you all.
Thanks for following along.