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Still Breathing….

Wow. I thought 2019 was a stinker.

 December 31st, we coddled glasses of booze, feeling relieved. Our house still stood, we weren’t awash in debt, and our parents were home again or recently transplanted. Even the dog was in a cone. It was over.

Har. June 2020 landed with a thud. I’m tired of sewing masks and wiping down the groceries.

My* business reality is about the same as any ‘hand to mouth shop’. Materials are scarce or slow in coming. I don’t use much, but the disruptions will continue. I’ll keep stocking the standard sizes when possible. Medium, Large, and XL sizes go poof within a day or two, so  I’ve stopped sending weekly or even monthly Mailchimp updates. Keep and eye on our Facebook and Instagram feeds for up to the minute news.

Still, small shops can be flexible. I’ve noticed a dearth of nice blankets emerge from attics and spare bedrooms. Want one of yours turned into clothing? Now is the time to check in.  Search out #Doomedblankets on IG for lots of eye candy. Visit Boreal and Blanket Shirt pages of our website to see pricing, options, and a limited amount of stock built from blankets that lingered too long.

Looking forward:

  • White canvas is finally here! What little we have now will become anoraks and pullovers.

  • ATACS AU is the hot offering in the coming weeks…cause I have some…

  • Green wool still shows up when you pay for it. Grey will lag.

  • Matching shock cord is the thing of the past. You will notice weird colors with your purchase. I’m happy to swap those out when regular supplies return.

  • The USPS and UPS are slower than normal. This is good. Any residual pathogens from us will die slowly in transit. Still, we suggest letting your box sit for a few days before you rip it open.

  • You can stop by our driveway, but our protocols for trying on clothing are slow. Stay safe. Send cookies.

  • I’ve largely ignored the shop phone. It rings incessantly with robocalls. Please leave a message if you have questions.

  • I answer Emails daily when I’m working.

Thank you all for your patronage and your patience. I have a weird job in the best of times.

Be kind to each other.

*For the near future, my sewing help is idle. They’re safe and sane, but I cannot keep them busy.