Which size are you?

Here are a few guidelines to help you understand Empire logic.

  1. I do not replicate regular sizes from street clothing. You have been warned.
  2. There is a diagram on shown with each garment to demonstrate the relative fit to an average-proportioned body in the middle of the size range. Most stuff is big.
  3. My Canvas Anoraks are big. Really. I’ve already accounted for several layers of additional insulation inside them, including thinner down garments. You should also be able to pull your hand inside the sleeve if you loose a mitten, and retract your arms completely to change layers of insulation as needed. Think ‘pup tent’. The Permafrost Parka is a little more conservative, because there’s a zipper.
  4. I always err on the side of length, so your clothing won’t ride up your sides or leave your wrists exposed when you reach or move.
  5.  Wool layers will not nest together. They will bind in the neck, armpits, and front openings when paired up. Each one is a substantial piece of insulation. Pick the one you like best, then work it in with your other garments. You are layering up, right?
  6. Wool jackets and shirts are built to accept clothing inside them. I prefer that you still have room to move, even with a sweater, hooded sweatshirt, or a thick fleece top. Vests are slimmer but still accommodating. Nothing is ‘fitted’. That’s for them fancy people
  7. Mittens are big and floppy. They should hang off your fingertips to prevent binding and ensure the proper flow of blood in cold weather. They are great for gross motor tasks and grasping, but you won’t be tying your shoes or baiting a hook with them. Please wear liner gloves to protect your sensitive digits when your pull them out for delicate tasks.

Canvas/Wool Layers

These are general guidelines for average body proportions.  They indicate the largest body that should fit comfortably in our garment with room for layers. I accept limited orders for custom sizes in the Spring and early Summer. Don’t wait. I won’t slow down for you during the busy season. Most products are listed with ACTUAL measurements. Compare those to an article of your own clothing to get a better idea how big they are.

Our Size Your Height
Your Weight
Width at the shoulder
Chest/Waist Size
XS 5’2″ 110 lb. 15″ 32″
Small 5’5″ 140 lb. 17″ 35″
Medium 5’9″ 170 lb. 19″ 40″
Medium/Wide* 5’9″ 190 lb. 19″ 42″
Large 6’0″ 200 lb. 20″ 43″
Large/Wide* 6’0″ 215 lb. 20″ 45″
XL 6’1″ 240 lb. 23″ 46″

* When available,  Medium/Wide and Large/Wide can be trimmed down to Medium and Large for a reasonable fee.



handwe1To find your mitten size, measure your hand in inches. These indicate the top end of the comfortable range while wearing liner gloves. If you’re above the measurement, go up a size. It’s OK. Big is good in the winter.

A: Fingertip to wrist joint
B: Circumference at knuckles

Size A Up to:
Small 6″ 7″
Medium 7.5″ 8″
Large 8.5″ 9″
XL 9.5″+ 9″+