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16 years, gallons of adhesive, and miles of thread. That’s how much we’ve invested in research to keep your feet happy in deep cold weather. The outer shell is a combination of tough and breathable 10.10 Army Duck uppers matched to extra tough domestic Bison Leather lowers. They lash with parachute cord speed lacing and cord locks for quick adjustments. (Nobody will fault you for trimming the laces and using good ‘ole fashioned knots.) We anchor nylon webbing lace tabs directly to the tooling leather mid sole, so you can wear them snug for moving fast, or loose for all-day comfort. The 3/8 thick dot-tread rubber soles protect your foot from trail debris, but flex to allow the critical circulation of blood. The ankle straps wrap around your heel bones to keep you centered on the soles. Our supple leather adjusts to your unique shape. You can open them wide to remove the liners and insoles for drying.

We build our boots to last, so the laces and cord locks are field-serviceable. There’s minimal overlap on the seams, reducing trapped moisture that breeds bacteria. When the soles wear thin, send them back and we’ll apply new rubber for a nominal fee. Our boots are 14″ tall to overlap with your pants and seal out snow.

We’re happy to ship our shells with the 100% Wool Freize liners from Raber Glove Mfg. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. There’s no finer boot insulation made. Since we couldn’t top that, so we’ll go farther down. TN Boots accommodate our Frost Plugs. It’s a simple concept- a layered mesh French Drain for your boot that lets air flow under your oh-so-sweaty soles. Pull them out at day’s end, let the residual moisture freeze solid, then whack the ice out with a sharp slap.

Fabric: Pre-washed 10.10 Army Duck Cotton Canvas with Bison Leather. Shell, webbing, and leather colors will coordinate. The soles are 100% post consumer tire rubber, processed in Baraboo, Wisconsin. European sizes 38-45*.  ATACS AU 50/50 6 ounce Nylon/Cotton Ripstop uppers are also available with a Cream colored leather lower.

True North Boots are not meant to be waterproof, or even mildly water resistant. To ensure that we put a few thousand stitches in them. They’re built to let moisture out. You can wear them day to day in a good frigid environment that literally ‘sucks’ water away. We rely on this magical law of nature to make our canvas shells and wool clothing work. The same applies to your swampy toes. Hit a puddle, and  you may feel moisture creeping in to the liners. Free the laces, pull out the innards, and let them dry.

Our Mittens and Boots, like most leather goods, will require a short break in period to fully expand the liners and the shells to your hands and feet. We use game leather. You will see scars, range marks, and blemishes on our handwear and footwear.

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ATACS AU 50/50 Ny/co, Black, Black, Blemished, Natural, Natural, Blemished

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