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“WTF?”  -That’s what I was thinking.

Jan 1997.  I first encountered an Empire Canvas Anorak in the old Duluth Pack store. The venerable Jon Farchmin was explaining the theory and performance of cotton canvas outerwear to me.  I was a wet-nosed techie, climber, cyclist, paddler, skier- fresh from Boulder, CO. The seam tape on my latest shell creation was still warm from the machines. I wasn’t having it.  Witchcraft.     Bah!

Ironic, eh?  25 years have passed. Here I am, bringing the old gal back for a few limited engagements. After reaching 7 continents, all 4 branches of our military, thousands of cold weather travelers, I still see the value. Tight fabric is armor from the wind. Sometimes simple is best. Consider this a blank sheet of paper. Go your own way with it.

It’s long/large/billowy, with length and girth to accept just about anything. The sleeves droop past your fingertips, and the hem brushes your lower thighs. This walking tent has a flat belly pocket with flaps, a simple fly cut, and a gusset neck closure with antler toggles. There’s a single draw cord around the visor, adjustable cuffs, and a webbing strap to adjust the depth of the cavernous hood. I put the original cotton tape ties back on the waist. That’s it.  In a nod to durability, I did reinforce the whole front pocket, and anchor points for the waist ties. Yard on them. They won’t care. Better yet, cut them off and use a sash for style points. Decorative original Empire Trim available on a limited basis.

Fabric: 6 ounce organic Cotton Canvas Color: Natural. . Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL. There will be variations in textile and thread coloring based on availability. The natural colored canvas will accept dye to suit your need for color. The hardware, nylon trim, and thread will not take dye. I recommend a fairly aggressive commercial colorant over those available in craft stores.

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