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Wool Blanket Conversions. Blanket Shirts and Boreal Shirts

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3/28: Until further notice, we will not accept customer blankets for conversions. Check our Facebook Page for available shirts.


Your blanket, our pattern.

  • Got a nice blanket? Got permission from your household? Drop a line to empirecanvas@charter.net, and we can chat about it.
  • Buy from occasonal stock. We’ll murder the odd blanket now and then, and list it here.

Pick your garment:

1. The Wool Blanket Shirt Is Classy.

We start with a thick wool blanket. Then we cut and stitch them with B69 Nylon thread and heavily serged seams.  The shallow neck opening has deer antler buttons, made right here in our shop. Our simple collar rolls down when you don’t need it, and snuggles high against your neck when you do. The WBS is romantically large and long, so the plain hem reaches to mid thigh. Rolled cuffs ride down over your wrists, leaving room for you to tuck in your work gloves or wool mittens. Base price with antler toggle closure    $180 solid colors/$225 with stripes/patterns.

2. The Boreal Shirt is a different animal entirely.

We began with the universally cool WBS pattern.  We added full coverage hood that rides just high enough to cover your hat, but it still fits inside a shell. Crank down the visor to cradle your face, or open the gusset and drop the top for warmer days. We kept the depth reasonable so it won’t cut your peripheral vision. The huge front pocket is perfect for warming your hands. Inside you’ll find three small pouches for foraging or holding tools. The base model has simple rolled hem and cuffs. You can accessorize to your liking below. $295 solid colors/$340 with stripes/patterns.

3. Don’t need the hood? Try the Scout Shirt.

It sports the same fit and features as the Boreal, but there’s a zippered, fleece-lined collar in place of the hood. $275 solid colors/$315 with stripes/patterns.

Options for WBS/Scout Shirt/Boreal Shirt:

  • Choose your Hood (Boreal Shirt):  Gusset/grommets ($0), 9″ Zippered front and fleece facing+$35, 12″ Zippered hood +$45
  • Choose your Cuffs (Any shirt):  Plain hem ($0),  Snap closures +25, Knit Polyester Ribbed Cuffs +$25 (Black only)
  • Choose your Hem (Any Shirt):  Plain hem ($0),   Split 8″ side seam openings +$30 (available on Flat Seam garment only),  Supplex Nylon draw cord tunnel +$55
  • Pick a Hidden Pocket (Boreal and Scout Shirts):  None ($0),  Plain pocket with D rings +$25, Double layer pocket with reinforced clip pouch (extra layer has 1.5″ webbing in the lip to hold tools, lights, or knives that would clip on to a belt) +$45
  • Elbow patches? (Boreal and Scout Shirts):  Supplex Nylon Elbow Patches +$45
  • Kangaroo pocket? (Boreal and Scout Shirts):  Zippered access just below the neck gusset. Approximately 7″ x8″ +$55. Not available with deep zippered hood.
  • Waist draw cord? (Boreal and Scout Shirts):  Supplex Nylon tunnel lies just above the hips to reduce the profile of the shirt when you need a trim fit, or want to trap body heat. +$40.


*If you’re curious about blanket sizes, shirt sizes, and options for building a shirt, please write us at empirecanvas@charter.net.