Shirts built from your blankets**

** No conversions available for 2024.  My schedule is packed tight.



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This is where it started. The #Borealshirt started right here some 14 years ago.

Base Model Prices for shirts, using your blanket: including return postage within the USA-

  1. Wool Blanket Shirt: Bell shaped tunic with 2 antler buttons on a simple collar. Rolled hem and cuffs. Optional 8″ split sides. No frills $190 for solid color blankets/$230 for striped blankets.
  2. Scout Shirt: Straight cut torso with a zippered fleece lined collar. Supplex Nylon draw cord hem and elbow patches. Front pocket with inner security pouch.  $280 for solid colored blankets/$310 for stripes.
  3. Superhoodie Boreal Shirt : Straight cut torso with a zippered opening and fleece lining around the face.  Also available with a plain neck gusset and drawcord (no fleece lining). Supplex draw cord tunnel hem and elbow patches. Rolled cuffs with inserts for optional snaps. Front pocket with inner security pouch. $345 for solid colors/$355 for stripes.

Blanket Thoughts

The quality of your blanket determines the look and feel of the finished product.  This is your investment.  Here are a few guidelines:

  • Size matters. Generally a twin sized 66″x90″ solid color blanket will yield a Large+ shirt. (large means you at 6′ and 200 pounds) For a Large from a striped blanket, you’ll need a 72″+ width to be sure the torso, pockets, and sleeves match.  A 6 Point/Queen pretty much covers everyone else. You’ll get the scraps, unless you want to donate them.
  • Hygiene matters. Please be sure your blanket is clean and free from odor, pet hair, grit, etc. This is non-negotiable.
  • Loft and density matter. Here’s a sticky subject. I’ve converted just about every type of bedding. Old, new, premium, and surplus blankets all have their finer points. If you can see through the weave and pinch it down to nothing, keep it on the bed. Avoid wool-blend bargains, luxury animals (Alpaca, Vicuna, Mohair, etc),  and offerings. **Pendleton, HBC, and Trapper Point blankets are great**. Some Euro surplus models are brutally tough.  Even those thick, old nubbly Pepto Pink and Baby Blue department store blankets from the 60’s and 70’s have more fiber per inch than snooty boutique Merino.  Trust your fingertips.
  • Keep it simple. NO PLAID, ornate patterns, or pictures. My layout runs along the length of the blanket, with torso, sleeves, and pocket pointing vertically towards the center.
  • Wool Blankets only please. I’ve built these for 15 years. My patterns are perfect for the loft, weight, and drape of your sheepish bedding. Regular wool fabrics can be too stiff, too loose, too thin, and/or shrink like mad. They usually come off the roll 45″ to 60″ wide, which makes patterning a chore. No synthetics either. Just no.

Your size-

That’s relative. By saying that I get permission to build it bigger than you. I need these:

  • Your height and weight. While these are highly subjective, they help me.
  • Your shoulder width across the top. (See diagram above)
  • Your arm length. With you arm down, measure from the top of your shoulder to your wrist. The sleeve will reach well on to your hands. Roll the cuffs up when you’re busy. Make use of the length the rest of the time.
  • Your Neck, Chest, and Belly size. Be honest. I’m going to add +8″ or so of girth to allow for layers and movement.



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Charcoal Grey 100% wool Superhoodie with green fleece lining in the hood.