The Boreal Shirt and Scout Shirt


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  • Send in your blanket for conversion (we are booked for September 2020)
  • Buy one year round in Olive Green or Charcoal Grey at Lester River Bushcraft.


We took our venerable WBS a few steps closer to total outdoor utility.  In the ten years since we bred the first one, we’ve sent thousands out to folks who really wail on clothing: S.E.R.E. instructors, deputies, SWAT Teams, the US Forest Service, guides, and  other rugged souls. The Boreal Shirt uses the generous WBS pattern, and it carries the same ironclad promise. If we failed to do our job and it comes apart, we’ll make it right again.

The full coverage hood rides just high enough to cover your hat, but it still fits inside a shell. Crank down the visor to cradle your face, or open the gusset and drop the top for warmer days. We kept the depth reasonable to maintain your peripheral vision. The huge front pocket is perfect for warming your hands. Inside you’ll find two D rings anchored to a double-layer zippered security pocket to protect your electronics or shield you from your pointy EDC gear. We also tucked in three small pouches for foraging or holding tools. 

Our base model has plain cuffs, the gusset hood, and a simple rolled hem. You can upgrade to stainless snaps or a knit cuff. Request the zippered hood, and get a fleece lining on the front near your face. Don’t like the plain hem, upgrade to a draw cord, and cinch it up for a more agile fit. Like our Camp Coat and Jackpine Vest, all our load bearing hardware is stainless steel anchored in nylon webbing. You can swap out all the draw cords and cord locks without breaking a stitch.

**Don’t need the hood? Try the Scout Shirt.

It sports the same fit and features as the Boreal, but there’s a zippered, fleece-lined collar in place of the hood.

Fabric: 100% imported or domestic wool. Nylon trim. Colors Vary Sizes: SM-XL. Custom sizing available on a limited basis. See our Sizing page for details. Machine or hand wash cold, gentle cycle with mild soap, air dry, expect lint. 


Got a blanket of your own? Let us convert it for you.

We’re happy to collect your measurements, receive your blanket, and murder it for you. We’ve stitched countless Hudson Bay, Woolrich, Pendleton, and other fine examples of bedding into fantastic clothing. Picture yours, plain or adorned with it’s own classy original motif, going everywhere with you.

The base model Boreal Shirt and Scout Shirt have simple rolled hem and cuffs. You can accessorize to your liking below.

Boreal Shirt Conversion base price: $295 solid colors/$340 with stripes/patterns.

Scout Shirt Conversion base price $265 solid colors/$305 with stripes/patterns.

Options for Scout Shirt/Boreal Shirt:

  • Choose your Hood : (Boreal Shirt):  Gusset/grommets ($0), 9″ Zippered front and fleece facing+$35, 12″ Zippered hood +$45
  • Choose your Cuffs:  Plain rolled cuff ($0),  Snap closures +25, Knit Polyester Ribbed Cuffs +$25 (Black only)
  • Choose your Hem:  Plain hem ($0),   Split 8″ side seam openings +$30 (available on Flat Seam garment only),  Supplex Nylon draw cord tunnel +$55
  • Pick a Hidden Pocket:  None ($0),  Plain pocket with D rings +$25, Double layer pocket with reinforced clip pouch (extra layer has 1.5″ webbing in the lip to hold tools, lights, or knives that would clip on to a belt) +$45
  • Elbow patches?:  Supplex Nylon Elbow Patches +$45
  • Waist draw cord?:  Supplex Nylon tunnel lies just above the hips to reduce the profile of the shirt when you need a trim fit, or want to trap body heat. +$40.


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Candy Stripe HBC, Italian Police Surplus Brown, Italian Surplus Brown, Blem, Italian: Oatmeal Brown with Cream Stripes, Red/Black Stripe, Red/Black Stripes/Original Label, White with Black Stripe, White/Natural Loose weave 100% wool


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