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Snowshoe Hare Summer Phase.

** 4/1/2019. We’re holding off on buying more textile until we’re confident in the quality of the fabric. Please bear with us. We don’t want to field a garment that requires treatment before its time.

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OK. Being wet sucks. Some of you folks aren’t lucky enough to enjoy our frigid cold (dry) winters. Heck, we Northern Minnesotans get our share of slop these days too. Here’s a unique solution. We started with a 6.25 ounce cotton that’s been treated with Martexin* water repellent, a secretive blend of oils and waxes driven directly into the fibers. It’s non toxic, renewable, and pretty gosh darn effective at shedding light showers, wet snow, and early morning fog. Is it the perfect rain wear for a downpour? Probably not. But it’s good enough for light duty during those shoulder season days when you could have stayed indoors.  We stripped the ruff zipper from the hood, added a flaps over the neck and pockets, then installed underarm vents. There’s no liner, so it’s svelte enough to roll up and stuff in a pack.

Just like our regular Snowshoe Hare Pullover, this one has a  14″ neck zipper with internal and external flaps to repel spray. You can slide it open and vent your torso like an moon roof when you get up to speed. Our Snowshoe Hare Summer Phase has minimal structure through the body, except a low profile waist draw cord, so it will ride under your pack or belt without complaint.  The rolled hem has a draw cord to tinker with length, fit, and ventilation. The arms are nicely articulated for a full range of motion. Simple hook an loop cuffs open wide enough for air.

Caveat Emptor! This textile does have a coating that will contact your under layers. Don’t wear it over dress clothing because it could rub off. Though the fabric is water resistant, it is still COTTON. Please dry it fully after use.

Retail $350 delivered in the USA

Fabrics:  6.25 ounce Cotton Canvas with Martexin* treatment* Sizes:  SM, MD, LG, XL.

* Martexin is a fabric treatment from Fairfield Textiles, a truly old school way to repel water.

**The exterior ring on the collar has bee replaced by a slim, internal hanging loop, well anchored in the hood.

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Oilskin, 6.25 ounce Brown, Oilskin, 6.25 ounce Green