Removable Fur Ruffs and Ruff Bases.


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There’s no better way to protect your face in deep cold than a well built fur ruff.

There are a few ways to get one.

  1. Contact for a premium ruff built on our base.
  2. Build your own using our adjustable Canvas Ruff Base and your fur.

I won’t dance around this. These were animals. Our fur ruffs are not a fashion statement.

If man could build a product that works like this, you would find it here. In the decades our company has built clothing, we’ve come to know and trust several hunters, trappers, and the Minnesota Trapping Association. They promote and practice ethical and sustainable harvesting. Like everything else we build, our Fur Ruffs are crafted to work, to last, and to be repaired. The cost of this resource is not lost on us.

“Why wear a ruff?” you ask. It’s simple and effective protection for your face and neck. Fur slows the wind, sheds frosty breath, and traps warm air.  Zip one of our ruffs on your Arctic Anorak, Snowshoe Hare Pullover, or Permafrost Parka, and you’ll notice the difference immediately. A pocket of calm develops, buffering cold blasts, protecting your skin, and tempering incoming air.

Want one?

1. For the best possible Ruff, visit Boundary Fur Sewing. Amanda Gecas builds amazing products. She helped us tweak our Canvas Base. We supply her with the platform.  She adds the highest quality pelts available. Their loft, durability, and performance are exemplary. It is Alaska after all. Seriously folks- we cannot do what she does, so we co-opted her skills.

Amanda’s  ruffs are built on our 4″ x 32″ canvas base, with a 20″ YKK #5 molded zipper. They are universal for Empire** canvas shells garments, so you can swap one around. Zip it on, and snap the anchors in place. Then you can wear it three different ways depending on conditions. Lay it back off the visor of your hood when it’s nice out. Snap it into a ‘roll’ on the edge of your face for cold, calm conditions. When it’s really nasty out, form a complete tunnel off the front. There’s a length of stainless steel wire hidden in the front edge to hold any shape you like. We’ve sewn tabs on the free ends so you can add a cord and toggle for closing the ruff ends together. We build Fur Ruffs with the hairs pointed straight out from your face. They take the wind head on.

2. If you have an Empire shell and you’re handy with a sewing machine, consider making your own Ruff using our Canvas Base. They come ready to build, with 1/2 a color-matched zipper, snap anchors, stainless steel wire bail, and 4 finished edges of nylon crosgrain ribbon to mate with your fur. We’ll provide simple PDF or MS Word instructions for preparing your hide and assembling the final product. Please be confident in your sewing ability, and know the limits of your machinery.

Fabric: 10.10 ounce Cotton Canvas  or 6 ounce 50/50 Ny/Co Ripstop.Color: Natural, Black, or Atacs AU. Fur type varies. There will be variations in textile, zipper, and thread coloring based on availability.

  • We will no longer install our ruff on another brand of clothing.
  • We rarely build ruffs in our shop.


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