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Summer is but a pleasant distraction from who we really are as northern people. Nothing makes us happier than parka season. For those folks who love the unabashed pleasure of layering, we cut each Permafrost Parka from huge panels of 10.10 Army Duck, stitch them together, then shrink the whole thing in the wash. Our dark, heavy textile thrives on abuse, release even slight perspiration, blocks the most bitter winds, and sucks up sunlight. The articulated cut offers an extra overhead reach, and enough girth accept a range of working layers. The full sized torso and skirt act like a the cab of a pickup truck on exposed treks, but they also cinch down to your size with integral waist and hem draw cords. The hem draw cord has multiple access points, so you can swap the cord locks around to meet your needs.

The Permafrost Parka has flat chest pockets that hold just about anything you need. They’re accessible from the center, so you can always get to the contents. Two flat pockets fill the front of the skirt and hold extra mittens and hats. We stitch a #5 YKK molded zipper on two bombproof hot-cut Supplex Nylon facings behind offset flaps for the main closure. It’s placed outside of the fabric for easy maintenance or replacement. Stainless steel snaps protect the vulnerable zipper ends and seal the flaps against the wind. They allow you to tailor your ventilation and dress quickly enough that you might forgo the zipper entirely. Our slim Velcro cuffs fit over work gloves or inside a pair of mittens.

Like our anorak, the Permafrost Parka hood compresses in 3 directions to work with any combination of headwear. The inner hood facing is made from recycled polyester fleece to manage to the moisture from your breath. The outer rim has an integral zipper to accept a removable ruff for bitter climates. Ruffs are interchangeable between our Parkas and Anoraks. We can build one here, or convert one of your pelts to work on our shell. All the cinch cords and zippers have toggles for ease of use in cold weather. Fabric: 10.10 Army Duck (Cotton Canvas), or 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Ripstop with polyester fleece inside the hood visor. Canvas colors will vary. Sizes: XS-XL. There will be variations in textile, zipper, and thread coloring based on availability.

* A word about fit. Our canvas winter shells are not fashionable. They are not flattering. They are not fitted. They’re walking tents with room for air to circulate around your insulation so it can work at maximum efficiency. We build them to be part living room, part bathroom stall, part bivouac. They’re long enough to cover your butt and pull your hand in if you lose a mitten. The Permafrost Parka is more ‘fitted’ than our Anorak or Snowshoe Hare Pullover, but it’s still pretty generous.

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