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One garment. Countless personalities. My Jackpine Vest warms your torso without restricting your arms as you cast streamers into the morning mist. It vents perspiration as you commute by bike, then compliments your Tattersall shirt at lunch. Strap it to your pack to extend a hike in sketchy weather, or nest it deep inside the layers you wear on the most bitter days. This simple, solid garment is the sportsman’s core cover, holding heat, and swallowing gear for any pursuit.

The waistcoat began as a classy addition to men’s wear in the 1600’s. Once a staple for its sartorial and thermal properties, this 3rd member of the 3 piece suit falls in and out of fashion. But outdoorsmen, free from the critical eye of the crowd, understand the logic of heating the body’s core without restricting mobility. Here at EWCC, I still try to make make them look good in case you’re out in public.

The Jackpine Vest is slimmer than my Wool Blanket Shirt, but loaded with utility. The deep, zippered hand warmer pockets and dual chest pockets hold gear close to your torso so it’s always warm and ready for use. Look inside the lower openings, and you’ll find two small double-sided nylon security pockets with lashing anchors. They’ll guard your valuables, and keep unruly objects in line. Three slot pocket grace the rear of the vest, just like the back of a bike jersey. They’ll seal shut with stainless snaps for bumpy trails. There’s no vulnerable zipper up front, just more snaps.  The collar and front panels have fleece lining for added insulation and a pleasant texture.

Our 100% wool material is perfect for casual or athletic pursuits. The high loft, coupled with a natural ability to manage moisture, makes the Jackpine Vest perfect for an active afternoon followed by a long evening in the lodge. Wool fibers shed stains and dirt, and shun the odor causing bacteria that send your synthetic garments to the car when the pace slows down.

Fabric: Domestic 100% wool,  and recycled polyester fleece. Nylon trim. Colors: Olive Green or Charcoal Grey. Sizes SM-XL. There will be variations in textile, zipper, and thread coloring based on availability.Washing: Hand wash or machine wash cold, gentle cycle, front loading machine only. No bleach. Spin dry to remove moisture, then hang dry in a warm spot. You can dry clean our garments, but it’s icky. Expect lint. I pre-wash everything, but a little extra caution goes a long way. My wool ist stabilized, but the nylon thread, webbing, and trim will shrink a bit if they get too hot.

*The Jackpine Vest is occasionally available in Multi Tone Olive. (MTO). Our wool garments come from USGI Olive Green blankets. Though I try to cut them as efficiently as possible, they offer up piles of remnants. Rather than let these go to waste, wI’ll use these various shades of #7 OD green fabric in concert to create unique (and slightly less expensive) garments. No two are alike.

Retail Price $370-$385 Delivered in the USA

The Jackpine Vest is an #ApexInsulator so it may not be compatible with other garments like vests or heavy pullovers. It is likely to bind around the collar, sleeves, and shoulders.

Ok, I happen to love the nut rolls, but you have to suffer through me after about 12 minutes:

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Blue 100% wool with vertical colored stripes on the left side., Blue 100% wool with vertical colored stripes on the right side., Blue with horizontal colored stripes (not shown), Blue with vertical colored stripes on the left front, Charcoal Grey 100% wool, Charcoal Grey 100% wool, Blem.


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