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Boreal Shirt

The Boreal Shirt began right here at EWCC. While we no longer offer it as a stock product, you can find them year round at Lester River Bushcraft.  We’ve licensed the shirt to them, and cut them free to build it. The quality, sizing, and durability have not changed.

We do occasionally build Boreal Shirts from Customer supplied blankets. Drop us a line at Empirecanvas@charter.net or call 218-464-1239 for details.

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It started right here with healthy dose of pestering. Take the venerable Wool Blanket Shirt, add a hood, add a pocket, and see where it goes.

It went absolutely everywhere.

We built them in 4 sizes, 5 colors, and from every type of blanket that anyone would send us. It quickly became a monster. After a season we had no choice but to cut it free. We trained another sewing shop, got them up to speed on the design, and handed over the reigns. Visit Lester River Bushcraft for the 100% wool version. In the 5 years since we bred the first one, more than 2 thousand have shipped to folks who really wail on clothing: S.E.R.E. instructors, deputies, SWAT Teams, the US Forest Service, guides, and  other rugged souls. It’s even rumored that a few of them are wandering around with our Special Forces.

What is it?

The Boreal Shirt began with the universally cool WBS pattern, and it’s also built like a cast iron skillet.  The full coverage hood rides just high enough to cover your hat, but it still fits inside a shell. Crank down the visor to cradle your face, or open the gusset and drop the top for warmer days. We kept the depth reasonable so it won’t cut your peripheral vision.  In contrast to the WBS, the straight cut sides and shorter hem offer a more conservative fit. The flat seams and nylon reinforcements ride smoothly under pack straps and over life’s rough edges.The huge front pocket is perfect for warming your hands. Inside you’ll find two D rings anchored to a double-layer zippered security pocket to protect your electronics or shield you from your pointy EDC gear.  We also tucked in three small pouches for foraging or holding tools. There’s another D ring on the rear of the neck that works great for hanging it up, or anchoring straps, a fishing net, etc.

Snaps dot the wrists to cinch them shut in the cold. They’re slim enough to stay out of your way when you roll up the cuffs, and they won’t clog with burrs. You can wear the hem open to cover your bottom, or cinch it up  and tuck it under for a more agile fit. Like our Camp Coat and Jackpine Vest, all our load bearing hardware is stainless steel anchored in nylon webbing. (We placed muted black grommets at the neck to reduce glare.) You can swap out all the draw cords and cord locks without breaking a stitch.



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