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The #Borealshirt started right here 14 years ago.

I named it after a pushy little pale Chickadee who was eyeing my lunch at our picnic table. You can buy the OG version at in stock colors with the drawstring gusset.It grew into the Wool Multi-tool. Now this design has reached all seven continents, countless agencies and individuals, and several TV series. Gosh.

I offer 3 variations on the wool shirt:

  1. Wool Blanket Shirt: My original bell shaped tunic with 2 antler buttons on a simple collar. It sports elegant rolled hem and cuffs.  This shirt is built to be romantically long and large. Throw on a a sash or belt, and you could fit in in anywhere from coffee shop to a rendezvous. There’s no technology here, just wool. The simple collar comes directly from the blanket edge. Wear it rolled down in your shoulders, or tie it up in a scarf to cover your neck. My antler buttons slide into simple, replaceable leather loops to cinch to open V neck. No frills solid colors $210-230/$240+ for striped blankets.
  2. Scout Shirt: Here’s where it gets fun. This model uses the same generous fit as the Wool Blanket Shirt, but I trim the torso down, replace the collar, and plop a pocket on the front. The sleeves have reinforced elbow patches. They also have a panel in the cuff to accept snaps for a quick cinch. ($5 additional when you order). The collar has a thin fleece lining with a smooth YKK #5 molded zipper. My front pocket is large enough for hands, hats, and mittens. There are 3 segmented stash pouches stitched to the panel, and a dual-sided nylon security pocket sewn to the body itself. Use the latter to keep your keys, phone, or wallet from banging around. The hem is circled by tunnels of nylon and shock cord. You can yard on the ends with a single hand on either side seam to adjust the fit.    $330+ for solid colored blankets/$370+ for stripes..
  3. Superhoodie Boreal Shirt : OK. Take the Scout Shirt and replace the collar with a hood. I use the same zipper. I line the front of the hood with fleece around your face. This covers your head, and sits high enough for a hat, but it’s not too deep. When the wind picks up, you can grab either of the single-hand-pull draw cords to cinch the front down. $345+ for solid colors/$385+ for stripes.

Fabric: 100% wool, and recycled polyester fleece. Nylon trim. Colors: Olive Grey, Charcoal Grey. Sizes SM-XL. There will be variations in textile, zipper, and thread coloring based on availability. Washing: Hand wash or machine wash cold, gentle cycle, front loading machine only. No bleach. Spin dry to remove moisture, then hang dry in a warm spot. You can dry clean our garments, but it’s icky. You will see lint, it’s expected. I’ve pre-washed everything to shrink it as much as possible, but a little extra caution goes a long way. Our wool is stabilized, but the nylon thread, webbing, and trim will shrink if they get too hot.

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Charcoal Grey 100% wool Superhoodie with green fleece lining in the hood., Stainless Steel Wrist Snaps


One size fits all., MD, LG, XL