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Pivot Schmivot. Scattered is the new big thing…

It’s a balmy November morning here in Duluth…

Yeah, it felt weird to write that. My wife jokes that we have 23 different seasons up here, you just need to figure out which one you are waking up to. This morning is early Autumn. I’m gonna ride with my kid before one of those Thyroid-smacking cold fronts rolls in tonight.

This month’s focus is shell garments. I’ve got ruff bases heading out to, followed by camo XL Snowshoe Hare Pullovers. My crafty and reliable sewer is busy with size Large. I’ve been careful to stay ahead on textiles, buying just enough to ensure that supply chain hiccups don’t derail us.

The shelves fill and drain like a colander, 4-5 in, 3 out. It may look static to the casual observer, but there’s always product cycling through. Thanks, BTW to everyone who grabbed wool, Parkas, and mittens over the Summer months! Bold decision.That must have felt like getting new roller skates for Christmas in Bangor, Maine. I hope you’ve been able to use them in your particular climate(s).

Watch for a few Parkas in the coming week. Enjoy the early winter!