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The devil you know.

Spring is hard for a Winter company. Even I want to sneak away and fish. March went off pretty much as planned. Blankets came in. Shirt and Vests went out.  Viola! it was a relief to accomplish a few simple goals after a craptastic 12 months.

This time of year I would normally scour the inbox for folks who wanted custom sizes. Nope. Not now.  I’ll keep stocking the shelves with standard S-XL sizes, starting with Jackpine Vests.  When I’m satisfied that there’s ample goods, I’ll move to the next product.

Granted, production sewing is boring. That’s why I’ve added the ‘Boutique Goods‘ page to the site so I can monetize my distractions.  Look for weird colors, odd sizes, and all those other ideas that a rabid designer has to get out of his system.

Happy April!



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Get your popcorn ready..

Howdy folks.

It was only a matter of time before this Empire Hoax showed up**.  Keep your eyes open, and your wallet safe. The internet really is the Last Frontier. I fully expect these jerks to make liberal use of all our photos and text as the years go by. This is the commercial equivalent of Herpes.


** I can offer sympathy to folks who might jump on this link, but little else.


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2021 State of the Company Address

Sounds official eh?

January was suitably cold so far. Sometimes it feels like normal.

Nothing has been normal , but  I’m still here, and still sewing. My pace is slower, and my hours are greatly reduced by the compounded needs of friends and family.  Going forward, I’ll be conservative with my output, sticking to 4-6 of anything at a time.

The one serious change is this:

There will be no more True North Boots.

I’ve built close to 1200 pairs in the last 22 years. Their time has passed. I can apply that energy to family and business.
I hesitated about pulling the page from the website, but the recent uptick in requests showed the need to make it official. No patterns. No kits. No instructions. No back stock. No passing the torch. These weren’t a product to take lightly, or build 3 at time. The minimum buy for liners alone is now beyond my budget. They’ve been a labor of love for decades. I’ve done well enough.
I wish you all a safe and peaceful start to the new year.

Natural True North Boot