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Minor glitch.

Sewing is sooo much easier with two hands.

I’ll be taking some time off to rehab my left arm after an injury. I should make a full recovery over the course of the Winter.

In the short term I’ll tinker with ways to move fabric, set grommets, and spend countless hours on my stationary bike trainer. Maybe I can develop enough stealth to whack a Grouse with my wife’s Cricket Bat.  I’m a terrible shot with a pistol.

Sorry folks.


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Taking it in our shorts…

Howdy rabble.

Smokey August 2021 ends, and September arrives in Duluth. What a weird summer.

Jason (LRB) and I have been pounding our heads on the table. The market crunch of the last 18 months shows on our bottom line. Our material prices have increased as much as 40%, as well as shipping.  The only course for us both was a price reset.

Most of my retail prices increased $30-$40 to keep pace with jumps in fabric, hardware, and thread. Jason made the same adjustments.

Neither of us can take it in the shorts and stay in business. Get it. Shorts?

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Get your popcorn ready..

Howdy folks.

It was only a matter of time before this Empire Hoax showed up**.  Keep your eyes open, and your wallet safe. The internet really is the Last Frontier. I fully expect these jerks to make liberal use of all our photos and text as the years go by. This is the commercial equivalent of Herpes.


** I can offer sympathy to folks who might jump on this link, but little else.