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Itty Bitty Bites

Itty bitty bites.

Fall creeps in slowly to my shop. Both doors are open for the breeze, but the mosquitoes are gone. Chickadees land on the table, flit into the fabric rack, and snoop around the shelves. More than once, I’ve opened up in the AM to angry squeaks from an overnight guest.

As the early leaves turn orange, my inbox floods with requests. Harvest time puts us all in a pleasant panic. This year is slightly easier on our family because there is less school angst. We’re staying virtual. Pajama time.

Ours is a weird situation in a good year. I’m a guy in a garage, building expensive clothing for places that normal people don’t go. In truth, I’m uniquely set for working through this shitty year. I love what I do. I have no debt. I set my own hours, and I’m not a bad teacher.

This year taught me to say no. 2020 also proved that being unencumbered is a blessing.  I’ve crossed the country several times to help family. I’ll do it again pretty soon.

To that end, I’ve adjusted my own expectations for the next season:

  •  I’ll cut 2 to 3 of anything at a time, in regular sizes until further notice.
  •  I’ll limit #doomedblanket conversions to a set number per month.
  •  Facebook and Instagram are the place to go for current info.
  • There is no schedule. I’m planning about 48 hours ahead.

I hope you and yours are safe and relatively happy in this tough time. Keep your heads on straight. Be kind to each other.