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Half Ass-ed Summer draws to a close

September 5, 2017 Category:

Howdy all.

September 5th. The bus took the offspring to school, and we’re back at it. There’s a bit of stock in the shop, but the early fall rush has just begun. We have about 1 more week of catching up on the leftover projects and half ass-ed work we began during those long Summer evenings and quiet weekend mornings. Check out our wool pages- we sure cleaned up the scrap by building blems. The race is on to see which of our suppliers has the better stock of fabrics so we can set our schedule and start cracking the whip.

Here’s a few brief notes on what is likely to happen.

#1. The Wool Blanket Shirt (and its kissing cousin the Boreal Shirt) will become¬† ‘build only’ garments.¬† You the customer can sacrifice your favorite bed covering for us to convert. Why? Nice blankets can build incredible shirts. Our 100% Wool USGI Blankets are also getting heinously expensive. We’ve seen a 50% increase in wholesale wool prices in 24 months. I love the design, but the textile is needed elsewhere. Details, prices, sizing info, and instructions will follow later this Fall.

#2. We have boot liners. We have some leather. There will be boots this Fall, limited to the sizes and stock of Liners only. No preorders until we suss out the timing. Boots are pretty involved. We go neck deep in them, or not at all.

#3. It’s Winter Camping Symposium time. http://wcs.eventnut.com/. Please consider it if you have the time. It’s well worth the journey.

Thanks all. Happy Fall!