Friends of Empire Wool and Canvas

Frost River

Reliable softgoods. Duluth, MN. Traditional canvas bags, packs and travel gear.  Outfit your adventures and your life in rugged style.  Visit their retail / factory outlet, and watch your pack come to life before your eyes.  Nice folks.

Cooke Custom Sewing bag

Cooke Custom Sewing

A lifetime investment in travel. Built as tough as can be, right here in Minnesota.

Four Dog Stove

The most enabling piece of winter gear you can own. With a good stove inside a good shelter, your travels are only limited by time and imagination.

Lure of the North

Lure Of The North

Offering some of the finest adventures in North America. Dave and Kielyn Marrone embody the very spirit of winter travel.

LRB Boreal Shirt

Lester River Bushcraft

Knives, Accessories, and Apparel for Work, Play and Preparedness. Home of the Boreal Shirt, now that it grew up and moved out of the house.

C5 Adventure Photography

See the world through the lens of athlete, adventurer and photographer Chris Gibbs.

Wilcox and Williams Snowshoes

Country Ways Snowshoes

Snowshoes, Kits, Sleds, and Lodge Furniture. Built by hand from wood and lace in Minnesota.

Black River Sleds

Dogsleds, snowshoe toboggans and packing systems.  Chris Evavold’s designs have crossed continents and won races under the worst winter conditions.

The Winter Camping Symposium

All of us, in one place, smelling faintly of wood smoke and good cooking. Save the dates, and join us in Minnesota for a pre-winter celebration of all things cold. Home to the new Winter Camping online forum.

The Kenspeckle Letterpress

Equal measures of style, whimsy and unadulterated skill.  Breathtaking imagery made by hand in the old way.  They make us look good.

Skipulk sled


Just like a cargo rocket for the winter. Snowshoe. Ski. Fatbike. Take your pick, and it will follow. High tech hauling for winter adventure.

Brautigam Expedition Works


Camp tools built from the toughest metal in the world, for the best performance in the field.

Snowtrekker tents

Simple, lightweight and durable backcountry shelters and stoves.  Traditional “hot tent” camping with lightweight materials and cutting edge designs.  Classic performance and comfort for the coldest winter adventures