My Materials: Cotton Canvas

Cotton Canvas was the first real ‘technical’ shell clothing for work and travel in the Northern Boreal region. In that environment of deep cold, these generously sized shells form the perfect boundary between frigid air and the critical microclimate of warm air trapped inside. This tightly woven textile is nearly impervious to the bitter winds that rob you of body heat. Unlike laminated synthetics, natural plant fibers allow even slight amounts of perspiration to escape, so you stay drier and more comfortable. The Arctic Anorak, Traditional Anorak, and Snowshoe Hare Pullover are sculpted from supple 6 ounce organic cotton in a neutral color to mask your presence and follow your form. I build our Permafrost Parka from heavier 10.10 ounce cotton duck to endure years of abusive travel through the brush. On occasion, I cheat and use 50/50 Nylon/Cotton ripstop to build Camo garments. They’re a little tougher, dry quicker, and blend nicely with northern brush.

In a perfect world, your shell layer would last for decades. In reality, modern outdoor clothing begins to fail within 5-10 years because the plastic fabrics and their laminating adhesives degrade. With an occasional cleaning and a patch here or there, your EWCC shell could last a lifetime. Some parts are bound to fail with extended use. To reduce that risk, every snap and grommet is set into sewn webbing reinforcements, all draw cords can be swapped out, and the hook and loop tabs are stitched through adjacent layers to aid in their removal when they age. I’m happy to offer extra components with most purchases so you can replace cord locks, patch holes, repair zipper sliders, and replenish worn Velcro in the field.

Cotton Canvas Products