About Empire Wool and Canvas

Small Batch Clothing in a Big Business World.

  • Nothing about my work is easy or fast. See the Gory Little Details.
  • I make winter clothing all year as materials allow. There is no production schedule.
  • If you want something that’s in stock, and it fits you, buy it. That was your chance.
  • I operate in the Black. I have no reason to rush.
  • I am not alone. Please visit My Friends.

About Me

I’m Kevin Kinney. My wife and I are industry veterans. Our garage is stuffed with boats, bikes, and skis. We fully appreciate synthetic fabrics. But we grew up in the woods; bow in hand before dawn, drawing heat from the coals of the evening fire. Our childhood fun was measured in seasons, not kilometers. Our clothes were lucky to be in a closet. Natural fibers went the distance for us.

I could ramble on about the how and why, but here are simple truths that define my choices:

  • I love my small house, used furniture, and old cars. Bigger is not better for me.
  • I’ve been playing outdoors for 50 years. I’ve done it all, built millions in gear with these hands, and broken lots of it. I keep what works, and buy what is worth maintaining.
  • I’m proud of the quality of my clothing. I do not fret about the quantity.

Mine is a quiet, determined way to earn. Despite that, I make waves. Google ‘Boreal Shirt‘. That was me. My work spawned plenty of competition, imitation, and strong opinions. Looking back over the decades, I’m happy to say I’ve held my course.