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      Wool, canvas, and leather clothing in 2015?

Sounds quaint in these days of glued-in zippers and battery heated jackets, doesn't it? Scientists, textile manufacturers, and clothing designers made modern outerwear really affordable. But  they've tinkered for decades to breed out quirks that hamper long term performance and limit the lifespan of their gear. Try as they might, they just can't teach plastic to 'live' on our bodies.

This is the Empire Wool and Canvas Company. We're not here to replicate the technology you see on store shelves. Chic designs and flashy fabrics might be what you need for hair- raising sports, but they don't keep up when you're going the distance. Our task is to harness the steady function of natural fibers, and blend it with those modern traits that ensure comfort and durability. 

We believe that your garments, hand wear, and footwear should work the same way every day, despite age, wear, and exposure to the elements. So we take care to build stuff that will last longer, work harder, and recover from the damage that comes with real world use. Our goal is to sell you a great product- once. Your task is to wear your mitten palms smooth on the Hickory of an axe, collect generations of puppy hair on our wool, and listen for miles on end as your shell whispers against the brush.

    Imagery courtesy of C5 Adventure Photography.                
    C5 Adventure Photgraphy